About Us

Hemp Naturals, Inc. is an early stage company

That plans to change its existing business plan at this time from the anticipated sale of other hemp based products excluding our ‘Rolling Naturals’ rolling papers made out of hemp-based material that are presently available for sale at promotional prices that generate de minimus revenue to focus on real-estate development and remodeling utilizing biocomposite materials including but not limited to “HempCrete.”

Hempcrete is made from lime and hemp shivs (a waste product from hemp fiber growing); it can be used for walls, floors, and for roof insulation; it’s breathable, absorbing and emitting moisture to regulate internal humidity and avoid trapped moisture and mold growth; it provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and thermal mass; it’s lightweight and reduces construction costs; and it’s environmentally friendly. We plan on purchasing properties for the purpose of keeping them as rental properties, and/or remodeling them and selling them at a profit.