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Hemp Naturals Inc is a developmental stage company the plants to research, develop, aquire and sell products containing CBD, including CBD infused gummy’s, CBD infused tinctures, and many more CBD products currently being developed.
The true health and wellness benefit of hemp extract are only now being realized! Research has shown that our bodies are truly built to except the amazing Phytonutrients and heart protectant fatty acids contained within pure hemp. It’s a super food that when taken regularly, provides a broad host of amazing psychological benefits. Our hemp extract has unparalleled bio-availability for maximum effect.
Our handcrafted CBD gummy’s are USA made in an FDA audit and GMP compliant facility with pure Colorado hemp CBD. They are natural, organic, gluten-free and non-GMO. Precisely 25 mg of hemp extract per Gummy. Third-party tested for: NO THC. NO CHEMICALS. NO PESTICIDES.